20 March 2013

David vs. Goliath...who you got in your bracket?

So, it is that time of year!  Statistically the worst time of year for employers because employee production slows tremendously.

Three different phenomena/events are all happening RIGHT NOW!!!  Combined they are a boss’s NigHTmArE!!

1.      First Week of Spring

2.      Turkey Season (possibly a southern thing only)


Yes, that is right.  The 68-team tournament to decide who the Collegiate National Champion is in basketball.  People who have watched approximately-exactly ZERO seconds of basketball will now fill out brackets and enter picking contests with abandon.  My Dad is one of those people.  He couldn’t tell you a single NCAA player’s name from any of the 68 teams.  Not one. But he has already entered 4 contests and printed out each bracket and will mark each win and loss....