29 July 2010

Chick-fil-A Saves Me Money

How do you spell Chick-fil-a...Capital F? Capital A? So confusing...

What's not confusing is the taste of their coffee. Tasty!

28 July 2010

Why Lazarus??

Recently, I “fell.” I do not mean a physical, step out of the shower, plant my foot on a Thomas the Train toy left inexplicably in the middle of the bathroom floor-type fall. (Although that would hurt, and it may or may not have happened to me in the past.)

But falling is usually accidental. Not many times does someone knowingly trip themselves up. Running directly toward stumbling blocks and trip-wires. That’s what I did.

A train wreck happened to my family, and I was driving the engine.

The “Me” that was….died. The "Me" that I crafted for everyone to see.

27 July 2010

Me = UnSmooth Squared

So, there's this guy at work. He is not large in stature, and is picked on about it often. But he is smooth as Billy D. Williams, circa 1982. Seriously cool and chill. The guy who always has that half-smile working that makes you wonder if he is seriously smiling at you, or just feels pity on you and makes you think you are smile-worthy.

23 July 2010

Another Attempt...

It is very hard to maintain a blog when you do not own a personal computer. Believe me. I have tried. 3 times.

This time I will stick with it, not with some grandiose idea of becoming famous from this, or even having anyone other than myself read it. Think of this more as a journal.