21 December 2010

Please Stop Hatin'!!!

I love Christmas plays and/or cantatas.  They are like mini-Lifetime movies in a religious setting.  It appears the writers of these holiday productions sit down with the whole purpose of making people cry.  They probably have "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Beaches" on a loop in their DVD player to get them in the spirit of drawing tears.

17 December 2010

Poor Brutus!

I don't know why I love this picture so much, but I do...

and knowing me, after I post it, I will try to make some point behind the picture...or maybe you have your own caption Idea.

I remember this being on SportsCenter in video form, but this still shot is hilarious to me.


14 December 2010

John 13:34-35 and a short trip down Memory Lane

Growing up, I had two best friends named Spencer and Eric.  We went everywhere together, for a long, long time.  We started in 1st grade, and ended when we graduated high school.  We played on the same football team starting with the YMCA Orange Crush when we were 6, and finished as captains on our HS football team.  I was the quarterback, Spence was the fullback, and Eric played tailback. 

It just hit me that we were the starting backfield together.  Wait a second while I reminisce...

06 December 2010

Humbling Thought: I AM DAVID, but also.....

In my search to discover who I am as it relates to Biblical figures, I have conceded I am Lazarus. 

Also, I am David.

While reading the books Cast of Characters, and especially the book Facing Your Giants, both by Max Lucado I came to a sobering conclusion....

19 November 2010


Today, my lovely wife was able to go to BB's school for their...

Harvest Feast? 
Thanksgiving Meal? 
Holiday Lunch? 

SOMETHING WHERE ALL THE KIDS ATE AND DRESSED LIKE NATIVE AMERICANS, OK?  I am a guy who doesn't know the cool holiday name for it.

Regardless, the kids were asked to list something they were thankful for.  All of the answers were so cute and sweet and some were straight-up godly.

All but one.

15 November 2010

Amazing Sunday Night!! (quick fashion report also)

I am sure those who read my blog were wondering (in other words, Leslie, and Joe)...

Brown Plain Polo Shirt...UNTUCKED!  (rebel)
Brown Shoes

I think for my age bracket and the setting, I pretty much nailed it.  The concert was at a fancy-pants church, but there were smatterings of SHORTS in the crowd, so I was definitely not under-dressed...

But who cares?  I wasn't fully prepared mentally, or emotionally for this concert...

12 November 2010

Clueless in Alabama....

I don't know what I am gonna do. 

This is one of the toughest calls I have ever had to make.

The only thing that comes close was when I was the Captain for my neighborhood 3-man wiffle ball team (Go BlueJays) and I was faced with picking as our third player either Charlie Sharpe who was a talent, but was only 9 and not very fast, or Tony Moon who could've been the best player in the league if he applied himself, but didn't make the league a priority on Saturdays...he was hit or miss.

You know what...as tough as that was back when I was 15 (I chose Charlie, and we won the league going 17-1), this is waaaaaaaaaaaay tougher...


Surely you see the dilemma.

At first, I was thinking, ok, concert.  Jeans.  T-Shirt.  Old Worn Running Shoes.  Easy as cake...

I just got a nice pair of jeans for my birthday, and I look gooooooooood in them.  Then probably a t-shirt that has some cool logo.  Probably one from a skateboard company, or maybe from a blood drive.

Done deal.


This is a STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN concert.  See, that ups the ante a little because, hey, this is an icon of the contemporary Christian music scene.  He isn't a T-shirt kind of guy, right?  I think I am still good on the jeans (did I mention they look nice?)  T-shirt probably out.  Now I am thinking plain polo shirt...but untucked!  That is how us 40 year olds try to look cool these days!  Untucked shirts!!!  And my brown sandals would be more appropriate for Mr. Chapman's concert.  This isn't the Insyderz or Skillet.  This is for real.

Feelin' good about my choice.

Until...Uh-oh...another curveball.  The concert is in a CHURCH!  So now, what kind of church? 
HA!  I can't be that lucky.  Instead I get the scariest, hardest to predict lot out there....SOUTHERN BAPTIST!

Now I have to research this!  Is this one of the high-church, tassle loafer SoBaps, or the radical, anything goes, shorts on Sunday morning SoBaps???  And how would I know?  They use the same people's pictures on their website that every other church uses.  This just got harder than ever! 

AND it is over an hour away!  Do I dress for comfort?  I am riding with the friends who GRACIOUSLY GAVE my wife and me tickets!  I won't be in control of the temperature settings in the van!  AGGGGGH!!!

PLUS they want to walk around a shopping center and eat at a nice restaurant before the concert...we are now talking possibly brown loafers and khakis???  Light weight sweater?  How about my Steven Curtis Chapman t-shirt I got from his "Great Adventure Tour" circa early 90's?!?!?! 

At some point, I am sure the words "What do I care, I will never see these people again?" will come out of me, at which point my loving, supporting, God-given help-meet will look at me and say "But you will have to see ME again" proverbially shot-blocking my freedom to dress out of the ordinary with cut off jean shorts and a tank-top!

OK....I think I have it...

Plain brown polo
Dark blue jeans (they look gooooooooood)
White leather K-Swiss shoes....

Yeah, I am ready....


I haven't even considered the WEATHER.......

10 November 2010

Sunday Recap- Prayers for a Church Plant!

Sunday, my wife and I didn't attend where we normally worship.  Instead we went to support my good friend EC and his new church plant.  They have been meeting for awhile in a coffee shop and quickly outgrew the space.  Recently, they moved into a great place to meet that will allow for growth and has a play area for the kids.  I am very excited for them.

His "sermon" this week wasn't from his typical series he has been teaching.  EC instead shared his heart about THE church, and through trickle down, THIS church.  The simple topic was "What is the church?" 

Without going through each point systematically, I will share that the major theme was that the church is (or should be) FAMILY.

02 November 2010

My Standing Ovation Rules Just Changed!

Man did I get convicted two weeks ago.  It happened in church, and had absolutely NOTHING to do with the sermon, or the worship music.

This post will be short, unless I ramble on like Matt says not to do at The Church of No People. 

28 October 2010

Blog Name Explanation...AGAIN.

Someone asked me why I named the blog "I Am Lazarus...and Others."  And it has been a while since I posted the reason.

So, here it is.

I will be revealing who else I see myself in in Scriptures soon...probably go with Jonah next.

27 October 2010

My Unfortunate Lack of Perspective...and the Chico Wildcats!

Confession time:

When I was in college, there was one week per year when I skipped at least half of my classes. I DID NOT get this approved by my instructors, and I didn’t have what would be considered a valid excuse. On the flip side, I didn’t make up a lie and try to fool anyone. But there was a week when if I had a class after 1 p.m., I was not going to be there. I would get the notes from a friend, and study, and read the assigned material, but my presence was not felt in the lecture halls.

It was when the Division II College Baseball World Series was in town.

20 October 2010

One of my favorite passages...

There are several passages in the Bible that I gravitate towards.  I imagine all believers have them.  Probably a sermon you heard, or a devotion time that really moved you...It may not have specifically changed your life, opened up the skies, etc., but you like it.  I'm just saying.  (let me head some of you off- yes I know all Scripture is God-breathed, ordained, and is all equal...I GET IT!  Call me a heretic later.  I won't approve your comment, by the way)

One of mine is a story that takes place at the same time as other more popular stories.  That might be why I like it.  I went to church for 25 years before I ever noticed...REALLY NOTICED one portion of this account...

15 October 2010

Verse 2

Can't get this out of my head today...Don't really want to.

"And when I think, that God, His Son not sparing;

Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;

That on the Cross, my burden gladly bearing,

He bled and died to take away my sin."
How Great Indeed!

14 October 2010

Self or God...who gets your vote?

Election time in Alabama!  I love election time!  People who don't care one thing about politics for 3 years now try to sound like Walter Cronkite as the voting day approaches, breaking down the voting records and backers of each candidate. 

(If you are too young to know who Cronkite was, just take it from me...he was THE MAN!)  Google him.

Everyone is all of a sudden an expert on the way things run around the statehouse and capitol...like they have been taking their lunch breaks and scurrying downtown to eat their ham and cheese while observing the inner workings and backroom dealings of the political landscape. It often becomes more about who you are NOT voting for, as opposed to who you ARE voting for. 

07 October 2010

Being Flippant About Your SWDSEB, and Some Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves...we all have them.  Those tendencies of other people, circumstances, inanimate objects, WHATEVER that drive you nuts!  For example, when I was teaching, ENDING SENTENCES IN PREPOSITIONS was a sure way to draw my ire.  It actually made my list of classroom rules at the beginning of the year, right next to "No Scrunching."  Hey, another pet peeve...the sound paper makes when it is being balled up in an otherwise quiet room.

Don't judge my pet peeves!  They are Mine!!

Some peeves develop with the times, and some are not timeless.  Two more of mine that fit this category are when people start off a sentence with the phrase, "At the end of the day...."  What does that mean?  What you are about to say is not true until around 9:30 p.m.-ish?  It is just a sad attempt to make your point sound more weighty.  Doesn't work.

05 October 2010

Love God. Love People

I coached basketball for 12 years on the High School level.  As with any coach, you have certain philosophies that you carry on year after year, regardless if the kids in the uniforms change.  Some coaches like to  "run-and-gun".  Others are the slow it down, play tough defense type.  Some allow their players freedom to create, while another coach wants to be in control and have a disciplined attack.

Also, you have certain plays and tendencies you tend to duplicate.  A base offense or defense around which everything else is built.


01 October 2010

Quick Hitter on Prayer

I have dealt with young people who love to ask theological questions.  That is a good thing, don't get me wrong. 

But unfortunately I slipped for years into a lazy spirituality where I knew what I believed, BUT really didn't know why.  I believed it strongly, but had no basis, other than "that's what I was taught."

I have been on a re-discovery of sorts lately where I have been questioning WHAT do I believe, and WHY do I believe it?

So, kids often ask "If God already knows what is going to happen, then why do we pray?"

After I ummm and ahhhh and try to come up with something that sounds deep, I usually default to "Because God told you to."  Super spiritual, I know.  Great leader that I am.

This topic is deep and far-reaching and we could debate it for days, but recently I heard a great explanation of why we pray. 

Why do I pray?

Because God listens.

Philippians 4:6-7 (New King James Version)

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

29 September 2010

Stop Attacking Other Churches...Please!

While I usually try to interject humor into my posts, I am not sure if I can today.

My Background:

I grew up in an "Independent, Fundamental, Bible-Believing Baptist Church."  Said so on the letterhead and weekly bulletin.  I was there in its infancy when it ran under 100.  At it's peak, we were averaging over 1,200, with a high outreach Sunday of over 2,500.  (If you believe in numbers).  We believed we were THE ANOINTED ONES who were right about everything!

28 September 2010

BB Update!!

Ok, BB was/is having trouble adjusting to school.  I wrote about this in a PREVIOUS POST.  BB is not what you would call a calm kid.  By any means.  He loves to push and rough-house!

This is frowned upon at his kindergarten. Strange, huh?As the older, male role model, I feel partly responsible for this, because I am the one who tickles, wrestles and throws him around at home.  He probably thinks this activity should be normal, and fun, because he loves it when I knock him down on the bed.  Why wouldn't his classmates like it as well?

23 September 2010

LISTEN TO THE WORDS!!! a.k.a. "Slow it Down!"

This will be my second post already regarding worship music...Am I tipping my hand as to one of my passions and a reason that I love about being a Child of God?!?!

Last summer, I was a chaperone on a Youth Choir trip to New York City.  Being from Alabama, let's just say, I had never seen anything like NYC.  Times Square is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen!  Times Square at night is 100 times cooler than that!  It was alot of fun.  We were able to share the gospel with hundreds of people through our street concerts, and in the schools around Brooklyn.  The good people of New York were drawn to this traveling band of 96 teens and adults all wearing the same colored shirts, sporting ridiculous Southern accents, Y'all, and singing outdoors in 95 degree heat!

One of the songs we sang is "Today is the Day" written by Lincoln Brewster.  Fun little song...we even had hand motions!!!  Yippeeeeeeee!!! 

21 September 2010


So, there I am...sitting in my denim blue-walled cubicle.  Minding my own business.  Decided to check my blog, because Joe said he had left a comment...I wanted to read it.

I clicked the address bar.  Slowly scrolled down to blogger.com and clicked.

Then I signed in, and NO, I will NOT tell you the username and password at this point...maybe later.  How fun would just a world-wide, open blog be?  Possibilities...

Anyway, there to my amazement on my "dashboard" (odd name for it) it said I had 2 comments that needed moderating.  I think to myself "Joe left two comments on one post?  What a buffoon!!" I didn't say it aloud, for fear Joe would hear me, even though he lives 10 hours away.  And I don't want Joe to know what I really think, because then he might stop reading my blog.

And there it was...a comment by someone I have never met.  A "Leslie" somebody.  Her comment was not angry.  Was not contradictory.  Was simply a pleasant comment.

It may seem odd, but it really made me feel good to know that someone else out there at least read one post on my blog.  A small sense of satisfaction came over me.  I believe I now know what John Grisham feels like when they alert him that his book is in it's 9,000th printing.

So, Leslie, thank you!!

14 September 2010

I Don't Know Allen Iverson, but I Do Know THE REAL ANSWER!!

I grew up in an untra-conservative church.  Hymns were the norm.  I remember we sang a Gaither song on a Sunday night, and 3 families left the church over the radical, pagan, devil-music we were playing.  I was 13 or so.  I didn't care.

Needless to say, there was no way anyone in our church would DARE raise hands in praise.  That was for those crazzzzy Pentecostals!!!

I raise my hands now.  Am not ashamed.  I don't do it for show, and I don't care what anyone thinks.  And I don't do the "lift them to my shoulder height" stuff.  I mean, I go big!  I am committed.  Arms fully extended toward the sky!  I do not get cheated in this department!  Whether the guy behind me can see the screens or not...that's his problem!

So why do I do this?

13 September 2010

Read This


Written by Matt Appling (of course)...cool guy.  interesting opinions.  seems solid.

GUEST POST: House-Churches vs. Mega-Churches

Occasionally, I will put up a post from a friend, enemy, someone who shares my viewpoint, or perhaps someone with the exact opposite.  This post is from a great friend who is feeling what MANY in today's church are feeling, thinking, wishing they had said, or should think about saying...Thanks Joe!

"I am becoming more and more disallusioned w/ organized religion a.k.a. the American church and I'm really considering dropping out of it altogether.

08 September 2010

I am MAD at my PASTOR!!!--- Most viewed post...I think search engines tell us there are alot of people mad at their pastors!!!

I am upset with my Pastor.  He is a wonderful, godly man who I have known for years.  He has an impeccable reputation.  He started our church not quite 9 months ago, and we have an average attendance of right at 1,000 every week.  Awesome personality.  Fantastic teacher of the Word.  He has an amazing vision for what our church can be!

But, boy, am I mad at him right now....

01 September 2010

BB sent to the Minors

My son, BB, who just turned 4, started Pre-school/K4 last week.  I wouldn't call it a disaster.  The teacher might.

BB has never been in ANY setting where he had to sit still and listen.   Even the church we attend has very little structure for the kids at that age.  That's not saying he cannot sit still.  If his teacher's name was "Thomas" and she was a large train with a face, he would sit silently, mesmorized by all she was saying, and probably mimic it for weeks. 

His teacher was not a train of any kind.

25 August 2010

Un-Serious Post...College Football Preseason Top 10.

When I toyed with the idea of blogging, it was not going ot be a serious thing.  Somehow, it has morphed into that.  Sorry...

College football is upon us, and I would imagine that I will post more than once on this subject.  I love college football.  Over the past couple of years, I have grown to love pro football as well.  I don't see a problem with loving both.  I never married college football.  Just dated it for a long, long time, and now...

we have an agreement.

24 August 2010


When I was dating my wife, we would eat every Wednesday night at a local Chinese restaurant called King Buffet.  So good.  The food was great, the health rating was passing, the decor was...well...Chinese, and it was always quiet because it was Wednesday night at 9, and who goes to eat Chinese buffet then?  

23 August 2010

Who Needs Second Opinions???


I learned this the hard way when our A/C went down.  It is an older unit, so will eventually need replacing...

BUT we had someone out to look at it, they told us we need a brand new unit...even sent ANOTHER sales guy out to consult!  Wasn't that nice of them?!?

Fortunately, I have a skeptical Dad who told me to call to get someone else to look at it.  You never know.

On Further Review...burnt wire.  Under $150 to fix!  The first company didn't even open the motor box to check it out.

PRAISE THE LORD!!!  For second Chances, AND Second Opinions!

17 August 2010

More Than Conquerors

I have been going through a lot in the past year.  Much of the damage has been self-inflicted, which you can read about in my Lazarus Post.  Regardless of how I got here, I did.  I have to live in the now...learning from my past failures, mistakes, catastrophes, and MOVING FORWARD!

That is tough.

12 August 2010

So...A Little More Info. and a Short Story..

I am a husband to a wonderful wife, who had a birthday yesterday, and a father to two great kids, who will be called (for sake of anonymity) code names.

One is a boy, born summer 2006.  We shall call him BB for reasons only I shall know.

I also have a beautiful daughter born fall of 2008, that I will refer to as Peach.

Now, the story...

09 August 2010

I Will Pray for You....well...Probably Not.

I was meditating on the 10 commandments the other day...that is not 100% true.  But it is true that I was thinking about the commandments and wondering which one I screw up the most.  Odd thing to think about, I suppose....

ANYWAY, I personally believe the two I have mentally kicked to the curb most often are two of the least thought about....

02 August 2010


It always feels weird to try to say whether a sermon was good or not.  What does that even mean?  Sometimes it may not pertain to me at that moment of my life, but it is still good to hear and recall later....anyway.

This week's sermon was on Conflict Resolution.  Some very good points were made.  Here are a couple I actually remember, WHILE NOT LOOKING AT MY HANDY OUTLINE (my Mom would be impressed):

--Set a Time and Place to Discuss the Issue.  Usually one of the people in the argument is gonna be quicker on their feet and can out argue off of the top of their head, while the other party may need time to get their case built. 

--Focus on the Issue, NOT the Person.  If there is an issue that keeps coming up, do not attach it to that person.  LOVE THE PERSON, HATE THE PROBLEM.

--The Goal should be Resolution, NOT WINNING.  WOW, that is hard to do!  I would guess most people are more interested in being the one who is "right" than coming to a harmonious reconciliation of the problem.

Good Stuff.

29 July 2010

Chick-fil-A Saves Me Money

How do you spell Chick-fil-a...Capital F? Capital A? So confusing...

What's not confusing is the taste of their coffee. Tasty!

28 July 2010

Why Lazarus??

Recently, I “fell.” I do not mean a physical, step out of the shower, plant my foot on a Thomas the Train toy left inexplicably in the middle of the bathroom floor-type fall. (Although that would hurt, and it may or may not have happened to me in the past.)

But falling is usually accidental. Not many times does someone knowingly trip themselves up. Running directly toward stumbling blocks and trip-wires. That’s what I did.

A train wreck happened to my family, and I was driving the engine.

The “Me” that was….died. The "Me" that I crafted for everyone to see.

27 July 2010

Me = UnSmooth Squared

So, there's this guy at work. He is not large in stature, and is picked on about it often. But he is smooth as Billy D. Williams, circa 1982. Seriously cool and chill. The guy who always has that half-smile working that makes you wonder if he is seriously smiling at you, or just feels pity on you and makes you think you are smile-worthy.

23 July 2010

Another Attempt...

It is very hard to maintain a blog when you do not own a personal computer. Believe me. I have tried. 3 times.

This time I will stick with it, not with some grandiose idea of becoming famous from this, or even having anyone other than myself read it. Think of this more as a journal.