07 February 2014

Funnel Cakes, The Sixth Sense, and a Life Lesson...for me at least!

So, in my teaching days, I would have various daily grades and quizzes that would vary what day of the week they were on.  Except 1.  Every Monday, we would do “Current Events.”  When I started teaching, it had to be an actual newspaper article taken from a hard copy newspaper.  The article had certain parameters it had to meet, and once a month, they could choose to do a sports article or perhaps a celebrity article…just to keep it fun.  They would then have to stand in front of the class and give a brief summary of the article and take 2 questions.  Often they didn’t have access to the answer, but it was fun to take part in this event every week.
Then…the internet.

Now instead of heading to the local hometown paper or the USA Today if they could con their parents into getting one on the way to school, there was every type of article imaginable.  The favorite of the students was when they could find “Off Beat News” articles.  This became a once a month allowable incident.  And I must admit…those were not only the student’s favorites, but mine as well. 

We live in an Off-Beat World, right?