21 December 2010

Please Stop Hatin'!!!

I love Christmas plays and/or cantatas.  They are like mini-Lifetime movies in a religious setting.  It appears the writers of these holiday productions sit down with the whole purpose of making people cry.  They probably have "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Beaches" on a loop in their DVD player to get them in the spirit of drawing tears.

17 December 2010

Poor Brutus!

I don't know why I love this picture so much, but I do...

and knowing me, after I post it, I will try to make some point behind the picture...or maybe you have your own caption Idea.

I remember this being on SportsCenter in video form, but this still shot is hilarious to me.


14 December 2010

John 13:34-35 and a short trip down Memory Lane

Growing up, I had two best friends named Spencer and Eric.  We went everywhere together, for a long, long time.  We started in 1st grade, and ended when we graduated high school.  We played on the same football team starting with the YMCA Orange Crush when we were 6, and finished as captains on our HS football team.  I was the quarterback, Spence was the fullback, and Eric played tailback. 

It just hit me that we were the starting backfield together.  Wait a second while I reminisce...

06 December 2010

Humbling Thought: I AM DAVID, but also.....

In my search to discover who I am as it relates to Biblical figures, I have conceded I am Lazarus. 

Also, I am David.

While reading the books Cast of Characters, and especially the book Facing Your Giants, both by Max Lucado I came to a sobering conclusion....