05 December 2013

The All-Time Champion of Jesus Jukes!!!

OK, I am going to admit something here.  Like I haven’t admitted 50 things “here.”  But I love the Jesus Juke.  It is a way of speaking that was brought to light a few years back by Jon Acuff, so I can’t take any credit for it, but he is spot on.
If you don’t know what a Jesus Juke is, it is basically someone who turns any conversation or phrase said back to religion-ese.  It is annoying.  Aggravating.  It is the Christian equivalent of the old Debbie Downer SNL skit. (yes, I know SNL is debased and to reference it probably means I am not truly saved, but…I am , so get over it.)
“Man, this Starbucks coffee is soooo good.”

“Well, with the money you spent on that, 12 orphans in Uganda could’ve received shoes for Christmas.”
JESUS JUKE Guilt Trip.

02 December 2013


We tend to look at things with such a small perspective.  Our minds are so shallow, really.  There are issues that I can study, research, etc and learn about, but do I ever truly grasp them?  I am not so sure.

In a sermon recently, one of my areas of small-sightedness (new phrase coined?  Feel free to use it) was revealed to me.  Often when this happens, it is to my detriment.  See my “I will pray for you, but probably not” post.  When I try to search my heart, what I often find is nasty and gross.

The truth that was revealed to me was not that.  It was sweet.  Awe-inspiring. Humbling.  Affirming.

22 November 2013

TOP POST: I am MAD at my Pastor...

I think it is semi-sad this is my most viewed post.  I assume it is because alot of people are typing in that they are mad at their pastors, and they must be doing ALOT of reading about it to find my blog!!!  I have to be waaaaay down the list.  Then, I am no help, because I am actually not angry with my pastor after all...

Anyway, this is the most viewed post...so far:

I am upset with my Pastor.  He is a wonderful, godly man who I have known for years.  He has an impeccable reputation.  He started our church not quite 9 months ago, and we have an average attendance of right at 1,000 every week.  Awesome personality.  Fantastic teacher of the Word.  He has an amazing vision for what our church can be!

But, boy, am I mad at him right now....

21 November 2013

I don't even know what this is supposed to look like...kind of like Twerking.

Man, so much to say.  So little worth saying.

Not trying to sound like a lyric or poetic, but that is how I feel.

I have started typing a blog post so many times in the last few months and I usually get about 3-4 paragraphs in, and self-doubt creeps in.  I start questioning my own premise.  Not sure I am worried about being right or wrong.  I am worried about what whoever reads it will think of me.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the few who read regularly, and a couple of you know me personally…anonymous writing had advantages, but there is always the being known.

Also for me, because I am running from something, hiding out here, I feel vulnerable to unforeseen dangers. 

What if this person finds me here?  What if word gets out I have a blog? What if, what if what if?

I feel I have something to say.  Only a handful read it, and I have had positive feedback.

It’s the shame of my past.  I have no right to write anything with authority.  Who am I that I should be able to critique or even have an opinion on spiritual and moral matters?

I am not sure if this is a farewell post or not.

This blog started as a journal, suggested to me by someone who was counseling me through a very rough patch in my life.  One that I am not sure will ever end here on earth.

So, if a journal, I feel freedom to type this rambling, open-ended crap and don’t care that you think it is stupid and a waste of time to write it. 

I just don’t know if I should put it all away or start again under a different anonymous name.  Start one with my face on it?  Keep this all to myself?
We’ll see.

For now, I will re-publish some of my earlier posts…can’t hurt.  Maybe that will inspire…

20 March 2013

David vs. Goliath...who you got in your bracket?

So, it is that time of year!  Statistically the worst time of year for employers because employee production slows tremendously.

Three different phenomena/events are all happening RIGHT NOW!!!  Combined they are a boss’s NigHTmArE!!

1.      First Week of Spring

2.      Turkey Season (possibly a southern thing only)


Yes, that is right.  The 68-team tournament to decide who the Collegiate National Champion is in basketball.  People who have watched approximately-exactly ZERO seconds of basketball will now fill out brackets and enter picking contests with abandon.  My Dad is one of those people.  He couldn’t tell you a single NCAA player’s name from any of the 68 teams.  Not one. But he has already entered 4 contests and printed out each bracket and will mark each win and loss....