29 September 2010

Stop Attacking Other Churches...Please!

While I usually try to interject humor into my posts, I am not sure if I can today.

My Background:

I grew up in an "Independent, Fundamental, Bible-Believing Baptist Church."  Said so on the letterhead and weekly bulletin.  I was there in its infancy when it ran under 100.  At it's peak, we were averaging over 1,200, with a high outreach Sunday of over 2,500.  (If you believe in numbers).  We believed we were THE ANOINTED ONES who were right about everything!

28 September 2010

BB Update!!

Ok, BB was/is having trouble adjusting to school.  I wrote about this in a PREVIOUS POST.  BB is not what you would call a calm kid.  By any means.  He loves to push and rough-house!

This is frowned upon at his kindergarten. Strange, huh?As the older, male role model, I feel partly responsible for this, because I am the one who tickles, wrestles and throws him around at home.  He probably thinks this activity should be normal, and fun, because he loves it when I knock him down on the bed.  Why wouldn't his classmates like it as well?

23 September 2010

LISTEN TO THE WORDS!!! a.k.a. "Slow it Down!"

This will be my second post already regarding worship music...Am I tipping my hand as to one of my passions and a reason that I love about being a Child of God?!?!

Last summer, I was a chaperone on a Youth Choir trip to New York City.  Being from Alabama, let's just say, I had never seen anything like NYC.  Times Square is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen!  Times Square at night is 100 times cooler than that!  It was alot of fun.  We were able to share the gospel with hundreds of people through our street concerts, and in the schools around Brooklyn.  The good people of New York were drawn to this traveling band of 96 teens and adults all wearing the same colored shirts, sporting ridiculous Southern accents, Y'all, and singing outdoors in 95 degree heat!

One of the songs we sang is "Today is the Day" written by Lincoln Brewster.  Fun little song...we even had hand motions!!!  Yippeeeeeeee!!! 

21 September 2010


So, there I am...sitting in my denim blue-walled cubicle.  Minding my own business.  Decided to check my blog, because Joe said he had left a comment...I wanted to read it.

I clicked the address bar.  Slowly scrolled down to blogger.com and clicked.

Then I signed in, and NO, I will NOT tell you the username and password at this point...maybe later.  How fun would just a world-wide, open blog be?  Possibilities...

Anyway, there to my amazement on my "dashboard" (odd name for it) it said I had 2 comments that needed moderating.  I think to myself "Joe left two comments on one post?  What a buffoon!!" I didn't say it aloud, for fear Joe would hear me, even though he lives 10 hours away.  And I don't want Joe to know what I really think, because then he might stop reading my blog.

And there it was...a comment by someone I have never met.  A "Leslie" somebody.  Her comment was not angry.  Was not contradictory.  Was simply a pleasant comment.

It may seem odd, but it really made me feel good to know that someone else out there at least read one post on my blog.  A small sense of satisfaction came over me.  I believe I now know what John Grisham feels like when they alert him that his book is in it's 9,000th printing.

So, Leslie, thank you!!

14 September 2010

I Don't Know Allen Iverson, but I Do Know THE REAL ANSWER!!

I grew up in an untra-conservative church.  Hymns were the norm.  I remember we sang a Gaither song on a Sunday night, and 3 families left the church over the radical, pagan, devil-music we were playing.  I was 13 or so.  I didn't care.

Needless to say, there was no way anyone in our church would DARE raise hands in praise.  That was for those crazzzzy Pentecostals!!!

I raise my hands now.  Am not ashamed.  I don't do it for show, and I don't care what anyone thinks.  And I don't do the "lift them to my shoulder height" stuff.  I mean, I go big!  I am committed.  Arms fully extended toward the sky!  I do not get cheated in this department!  Whether the guy behind me can see the screens or not...that's his problem!

So why do I do this?

13 September 2010

Read This


Written by Matt Appling (of course)...cool guy.  interesting opinions.  seems solid.

GUEST POST: House-Churches vs. Mega-Churches

Occasionally, I will put up a post from a friend, enemy, someone who shares my viewpoint, or perhaps someone with the exact opposite.  This post is from a great friend who is feeling what MANY in today's church are feeling, thinking, wishing they had said, or should think about saying...Thanks Joe!

"I am becoming more and more disallusioned w/ organized religion a.k.a. the American church and I'm really considering dropping out of it altogether.

08 September 2010

I am MAD at my PASTOR!!!--- Most viewed post...I think search engines tell us there are alot of people mad at their pastors!!!

I am upset with my Pastor.  He is a wonderful, godly man who I have known for years.  He has an impeccable reputation.  He started our church not quite 9 months ago, and we have an average attendance of right at 1,000 every week.  Awesome personality.  Fantastic teacher of the Word.  He has an amazing vision for what our church can be!

But, boy, am I mad at him right now....

01 September 2010

BB sent to the Minors

My son, BB, who just turned 4, started Pre-school/K4 last week.  I wouldn't call it a disaster.  The teacher might.

BB has never been in ANY setting where he had to sit still and listen.   Even the church we attend has very little structure for the kids at that age.  That's not saying he cannot sit still.  If his teacher's name was "Thomas" and she was a large train with a face, he would sit silently, mesmorized by all she was saying, and probably mimic it for weeks. 

His teacher was not a train of any kind.