20 October 2010

One of my favorite passages...

There are several passages in the Bible that I gravitate towards.  I imagine all believers have them.  Probably a sermon you heard, or a devotion time that really moved you...It may not have specifically changed your life, opened up the skies, etc., but you like it.  I'm just saying.  (let me head some of you off- yes I know all Scripture is God-breathed, ordained, and is all equal...I GET IT!  Call me a heretic later.  I won't approve your comment, by the way)

One of mine is a story that takes place at the same time as other more popular stories.  That might be why I like it.  I went to church for 25 years before I ever noticed...REALLY NOTICED one portion of this account...
Imagine if you were told that you would be DA BOMB!  No one would be able to stop you!  What that looks like to you, I am not sure.  Perhaps saying you would be the most successful mom.  Most well-respected preacher.  Winningest football coach.  Wealthiest businessman.  Maybe even President of the United States...and the best one of those EVER!!!

Your desire may not be a bad one.  It could be a noble cause.  Could be a very beneficial position that positively affects many people.

Imagine your thing.

Then,  what if you said "No."

Many people know the account of God revealing Himself to Moses.  People have debated how this could work.  Seriously...they argue about how he didn't die, and why did he look like he did when he came down...THAT IS NOT THE BEST PART OF THE STORY!

Overly Concise Account:

People of Israel had screwed up again.  God was meeting with Moses.  The people are watching.

God told Moses in the first half of the chapter to take the people Moses had brought out of Egypt and go.  God was basically fed up.  He said He would send angels before them to defeat their enemies to the Promised Land...But that HE might destroy them all because of their wickedness and disobedience.  The tone set in the first part of the chapter lets us know that this was not a soft, tender scene.  When it says Moses and God spoke "face to face, as a man speaks with his friend" doesn't mean they were discussing college football and recipes. 

When you have a friend...a true, GODLY FRIEND, sometimes the conversations can get uncomfortable.  There are only a certain few people who i feel I have the freedom to be BRUTALLY honest with.  There are only 2, maybe 3 people that I would allow to be the same with me, calling me out when I am wrong.  These are my closest friends.  When Moses and God were talking, I don't think either one was pulling punches.  Moses' response in verses 12-13 are honest responses spoken from the heart. 

DON'T MISS THIS!  God was basically telling Moses "YOU WILL BE THE MAN!  You will be in charge of a people that no one can stop.  Whatever land you want, it's yours!  No enemy will stand before you.  YOU WILL BE THE MOST POWERFUL MAN ON EARTH!"  See verses 1-3.

What an amazing offer!  I am not sure why this point never hit me.  God was promising Moses more power, authority, wealth, and popularity than a man could dream to have!

And without blinking an eye, Moses said "No Deal!"

It all comes to a head in verse 13.  Moses is given on one hand the choice of Unimaginable Power...and on the other hand?  Vs. 13.  Moses shows us his heart...He says his only desire is to KNOW GOD! 

"Show me your ways, so that I may know you..."

At times I sing songs with lines close to this in them.  Do I mean it?
There are seasons where I would like to know more ABOUT God.
What would I do if offered a choice of "My Thing" vs. Knowing God?

I love this story.  Absolutely love it.  

Didn't do it justice here, but I hope you will re-read it and love it too.

"Knowing You, Jesus...Knowing You.  There is no greater thing.  You're my ALL, You're the Best!  You're my Joy, my Righteousness, and I love You, Lord"


  1. Great, great insight! I've read that passage many times before but haven't seen it in that light. Thanks for sharing! Truly to know God is better than anything. The things of this world do sometimes seem tempting and can distract us from the ultimate goal of knowing God. I'm glad that God still blessed the Israelites with all that he had promised to them, but I think Moses made the right decision. Apart from his sin that barred him from entering the promised land, I think Moses was an awesome example of a godly man. His experience interacting with God is just overwhelming to think about. Thanks again for pointing this passage out. I plan on using this as a sermon one day after I meditate on it some more.

    Btw, Happy 40th Birthday, old fart!

  2. That's a pretty humbling example Moses sets there. I've read that many times, but never thought about it in quite that way before--what Moses was turning down in favor of knowing God more. It's the same as Jesus' parable of the pearl of great price. Knowing God is more valuable than everything else put together, including our own lives.