15 March 2011

Who will be #100?

I started this blog as an outlet for my own crazy observations/spiritual life lessons. 


On those occasions when I was asked to speak to a student group, men's fellowship, or teacher's meeting, I found myself looking at events from my own life as illustrations.  And realized there was plenty to work with (sometimes good..mostly where I screwed up).  Not that drawing on stories of others is not a good thing, but there was so much material in my own world that could be drawn from that it made it more real to me.

I honestly thought that I would have one friend who would read it, and that would be it.

I am not saying I am the next Jon Acuff or JamieTheVeryWorstMissionary, but it has been nice to get feedback from people all over the 'Net regarding my posts. 

Apparently, I have one person in both Germany and the UK who reads every post.  That's cool to me!

Last week I passed over 1,000 Pageviews.

And now I sit at 99 comments. 

Thank you to all who have read. 

Thank you to all who have commented.

I hope I encourage you through this random-thought-filled, quasi-diary of jargon and awkward writing!!!

Whoever does post Comment #100 will win exactly nothing, which has a cash value of zilch! 

Let the Race begin!!!!


  1. *blinks* What?! Your comments are MODERATED?!?!... sheesh... I'm gonna feel so stupid if I wasn't the 100th comment. :|

  2. Jamie...you are #100...and #101.

    You have won a big, hairy bag of nothing!

    Thanks for posting!!! Love your blog!

  3. So maybe I'm number 102? I bet I'm still your only commenter who got her very own article on your blog. 8-) And if not, I'm happy to share that too.