06 May 2011

I know, I know....

For those who haven't read every single Lazarus post, I am a very unique blogger....I DON'T OWN A COMPUTER!!!

I know, kind of crazy to start a blog, knowing you have that elephant-sized problem...

I had access to all things internet at work, so it wasn't an issue...

Now, it is.

Our Department got a new Assistant Director.  Her very FIRST order of business???  Audit the entire Department of Industrial Relations to see which job descriptions call for internet.  Obviously...mine does not.

My awesome brother-in-law has suggested that I write an email to myself and copy and paste whenever I do get internet access.  Seems like a great idea.

Fear not!  I will be writing again soon!  (Thank you to Leslie for checking in on me!

Please pray for the citizens of my great state, ALABAMA dealing with the aftermath of horrific Tonados last week.  The outpouring of the community has been amazing, but some areas, frankly, will never be what they once were, including the town of Tuscaloosa.

Thank you, and MORE TO COME SOON!!!

1 comment:

  1. Was wondering how you fared with the tornadoes--having no idea where in Alabama you are. Glad you're still there!

    As well as praying, our church is collecting household and cleaning supplies to donate.

    Looking forward to your next post.