15 June 2011

Happy Father’s Day? Bah Humbug!


Can you feel it?  I know I can!!!

It is as predictable as Old Faithful, and as on time every year as Christmas!

That’s right…

While I cannot predict most events because the world is just that way, there are two things I can predict with certainty…Mother’s will be praised on Mother’s Day…and Father’s will be lambasted on Father’s Day!

Perhaps this is a southern phenomenon.  Mother’s Day includes sermons about how awesome Mom’s are.  Poems.  Birds singing.  Proverbs 31 thrown around like crazy.  Perhaps a segment where the kids describe Mommy in 1 positive, uplifting word. “pretty” “nice” “Iloveher” (which is NOT 1 WORD, but they get away with it on Mother’s Day.)

Fast Forward to Father’s Day.  Low-lifes.  Terrible leaders.  “Step it up!” sermons abound. All of the United State’s problems trace back to the pitiful Dads.  They ask the junior church kids to describe their Daddy, and the words are derogatory and mocking. “lazy” “weird” “long-nose-hair” (again…NOT 1 WORD, but if it is a humorous mockery of ol’ Dad, it is permissible!!!)

Is it at all POSSIBLE that there is ONE family out there where the Father is the better parent?  If so, it isn’t around here!!!  But, I listen to sermons on-line from outside my geographical area, and it seems that Dad’s are awful role models from California to South Carolina to Texas….UN-BE-LIEVABLE!

So, if you are a Father out there…put on the whole armor of God…to be able to stand against the attacks of your pastor this weekend.

And Mom’s go ahead and start practicing your “Amen’s” and “Preach It, Brother's.”  This is your day, not ours!!!

Maybe I will reinforce the sermon’s point and stay home this week.  I am not sure I am up for the verbal beating that awaits me this Sunday.

Happy Father’s Day…yeah, right.


  1. I get where you are coming from. Pastors take it too easy on women and put all the responsibility of a godly home on men. I realize that the man bears this role, but women need a good kick in the butt sometimes too. If we take it too easy on them, then they will come to expect an easy road for the rest of their lives. Strong women are hard to come by in today's culture that teaches them to be overly self-indulgent, so our pastor's don't need to play into that same game.

    however, i think the real issue is that unfortunately many women aren't godly and have overstepped their God-given roles and currently rule the roost in their homes. This extends to where the family goes to church and what the family does with its money. Therefore, many fat-cat salaried preacher's are doing nothing more than protecting their own interests when they preach fluff on Mother's day and preach doom on Father's day. It keeps the women happy and keeps the pews and offering plates full. God forbid anyone preach from the heart or else we might suffer the doom of becoming a small church.

    personally, my mom was very spiritual but my dad was strong enough for her not to rule the roost. I am thankful for the godliness they both exhibited and proper roles they both filled.

    also, i'm actually looking forward to father's day this year b/c I know it means free foot rubs and a small gift or two. hope my wife got me hot sauce!

  2. Wow, if Father's Day was like that around here, we'd stay home too! I'm glad our church is different!

    Our pastor has two adopted kids, and last year he preached an incredible sermon on our adoption into God's family. This year we'll have a guest speaker (our pastor is recovering from surgery), who has an assigned topic in keeping with our current sermon series. No man-bashing in this congregation!

    Later, our daughter and son-in-law will throw something marinated on the BBQ, I'll make some salads, and Pete and my dad will kick back and relax. I fully intend to wait on them hand and foot.

  3. I don't preach a "father's day" sermon. Or a "mother's day" sermon. I preach what is in line in the series I'm in. No sense man-bashing. Especially when I'd be bashing the very men who are doing it right and bringing their families to church.