02 December 2013


We tend to look at things with such a small perspective.  Our minds are so shallow, really.  There are issues that I can study, research, etc and learn about, but do I ever truly grasp them?  I am not so sure.

In a sermon recently, one of my areas of small-sightedness (new phrase coined?  Feel free to use it) was revealed to me.  Often when this happens, it is to my detriment.  See my “I will pray for you, but probably not” post.  When I try to search my heart, what I often find is nasty and gross.

The truth that was revealed to me was not that.  It was sweet.  Awe-inspiring. Humbling.  Affirming.

When I think of God knowing everything, I tend to focus on the fact that He sees what I have ever done.  I neglect to savor the thought that He sees what I will ever do.  I mean…I can say it, but because I am NOT God, I can only see events during or after they happened.  I am a human.  Mortal.  So, I can say “God knows all I will ever do” 6 million times, but never grasp it.

The way it was delivered in one particular sermon was so real to me that I had to share…

If I have 100% confidence that God loves and forgives AFTER I sinned, is it not also true, brothers and sisters, that I should have 100% confidence that God loves and forgives BEFORE I sin.  He knows right now at 9:51 a.m. what sins I will commit in the next 24 hours and He loves me no LESS or MORE because of it.



I guess I always thought of it in the way that I will love my son, BB, no matter what he will ever do, because I am his father.  But see, that is just on a foreknowledge that he will mess up in some way at some point.  I don’t know EXACTLY what he is going to do, to whom, at what time, etc.  GOD DOES.  He sees the revolting act coming a mile away, and LOVES.  And when BB commits faults that offend me I must forgive.  We are both human.  But when I sin against Him and Him alone, the perfect Father God???

Again, this is a journal for me, so this may be old hat and common knowledge for you, but I have never grasped this concept…and I am still trying to wrap my brain around it…

His Love for me is incomprehensible. 
His love is NOT reactionary.
His love is a force like no other.

To be thankful that God loves me after I repent without fully understanding that He also loved me just as much before I sinned makes for a simplistic view.  Incomplete.  Shallow.  
He knows what’s coming,
Oh, the depth and WIDTH of the Love of God!


  1. I came back to your site because I want to copy your latest post and decided to read one more before I get on with my day. Again...profound thoughts that are not flesh produced. Some ladies and I are peeling back some of our layers of junk so we can understand more this very foundational truth on which hinge's all other foundational truth we need to grab on for life down here on earth. It's never our love for Him that gives us faith, or gets us through a hard time or gives us courage or helps us love. It's ALWAYS His love for us that is what I can lean on as I walk through this life. We will walk through it one way or another, it just makes a little more sense to know who God is, who man is, what sin is and God's love is strong enough to handle the understanding of all of life. I am frail, He is not. Again, leaving your site brother encouraged and refreshed. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting...feel free to use my posts however you deem necessary. Might increase my readership, also!