15 November 2010

Amazing Sunday Night!! (quick fashion report also)

I am sure those who read my blog were wondering (in other words, Leslie, and Joe)...

Brown Plain Polo Shirt...UNTUCKED!  (rebel)
Brown Shoes

I think for my age bracket and the setting, I pretty much nailed it.  The concert was at a fancy-pants church, but there were smatterings of SHORTS in the crowd, so I was definitely not under-dressed...

But who cares?  I wasn't fully prepared mentally, or emotionally for this concert...

This concert was appropriately called "A Night with the Chapmans"

Stven Curtis is still the man!  His band, which included his two sons, brought the noise!!  The music was fantastic...He brought the house down with several of his old classics from back in my day, and the production value was top-notch!

But the night was really more about the story of their deceased daughter, Maria, and the amazing work they are doing through their adoption.medical ministry to orphans in China.  showhope.org is amazing. 

SCC and his oldest son, Caleb, weaved several stories about their loss during their sets.  Gripping to say the least.  If you aren't familiar with the story, you can read about it here.

The night was punctuated by a 15 minute presentation by SCC's wife.  To hear a mother tell the story of loss, sadness, redemption, anticipated healing (which she readily admits has not happened yet), and steadfastness was remarkable.  After her time was up, SCC sang several songs specifically written about their daughter Maria.  If there was anyone in there not moved to tears, then they were either sleeping, deaf from the loud music, couldn't understand English, or were going potty.

The conclusion SCC presented us with was that God Never Fails!  It's All His!  We can rejoice in that fact, no matter what may come.

A wonderful night. 


  1. glad that you got to go. disappointed that i didn't get a pic w/ you and SCC. i'll definitely check out the China website. SCC is a blezzin'!

  2. btw, the outfit was okay. you should have went with my suggestions though. it would have proved life-changing to say the least.

  3. Wow. Emotional experiences like that leave me soggy. The bigger question, though, is Now What? What do we do with our emotions that actually leads to eternal significance?

    Glad you figured out what to wear. When I doubt, I too always go with brown, especially now that my daughters are no longer handy to advise me in such matters.