19 November 2010


Today, my lovely wife was able to go to BB's school for their...

Harvest Feast? 
Thanksgiving Meal? 
Holiday Lunch? 

SOMETHING WHERE ALL THE KIDS ATE AND DRESSED LIKE NATIVE AMERICANS, OK?  I am a guy who doesn't know the cool holiday name for it.

Regardless, the kids were asked to list something they were thankful for.  All of the answers were so cute and sweet and some were straight-up godly.

All but one.

Yes, when my wife walked into the classroom, she was confronted with this sight. 

That name under the Blue Rectangle is that of BB. 

I am sure my wife has never been prouder! 

The other parents were all probably horrified and taken aback by such a pragmatic answer.  "What a strange little boy who hasn't been coached into what to say?  Egad!!!"

My question to them is this...Who ISN'T thankful for socks???  If you aren't thankfuI for them, maybe I should come to your homes and take away all your socks...yeah!  I give you 5 days, and you will be thanking the heck out of some socks!!!

Personally, think this is a sign of shear genius.  Off-The-Charts IQ!!

I love my sweet, reckless, amazing, handsome, rowdy, outside-the-box-thinking boy....

And by golly, I'm thankful for socks, too!!!


  1. Too funny! This is the sort of photo you'll want to keep for when he meets that special someone someday.

    Plus, he's not alone. I'm thankful for socks too: http://blogs.icta.net/mom/2010/02/sock-it-to-me/

  2. Socks straight out of the dryer are the best. Like a party for your toes.