06 December 2010

Humbling Thought: I AM DAVID, but also.....

In my search to discover who I am as it relates to Biblical figures, I have conceded I am Lazarus. 

Also, I am David.

While reading the books Cast of Characters, and especially the book Facing Your Giants, both by Max Lucado I came to a sobering conclusion....

As a fallen man, I studied the life of this fallen man who God claimed had a heart like His, and realized that I am David.

Instead of focusing on this line of thinking, which could take hours, let's just say I was totally relating to how David was facing so many obstacles, giants, temptations, enemies who wanted him to fall...the list goes on and on. 

Many of David's failings were self-inflicted.  That was my story.  Take it from me, as a person who is looking for Redemption and Restoration, it is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that GOD would indeed redeem and restore someone who has no one to blame but himself.  Boggles the mind. 


So, as I was grappling with seeking forgiveness and healing and restoration I was punched in the gut by this fact.


How?  I was reading and thinking about how to attack the problems (Giants) I faced.  Often, these problems were relationships: 

People I needed to forgive. 
People who had wronged me. 
People who I looked up to, but screwed me over.
People who let me down.

Uh oh.

In my situation, the exact issues I was dealing with as it pertains to others are the issues that I know some people were facing when it came to...


I need forgiveness.
I wronged so many people.
I royally screwed some very close friends over.
I let hundreds of people, including my own family, down.

I am the Goliath that I know people had to face everyday.  And are still facing.

Where's the funny twist?

What's the positive point of this post?

no idea.



  1. Great insight on Goliath. I think I must be a Goliath to some people too. I just hope they don't use actual rocks to take me down.

  2. If you mean funny as in ironic, check out today's post on my blog, www.compost-blog.com. It's all about saying "I'm sorry."

    What's positive? Acknowledging that we all hurt other people, and we are all hurt by them, but it doesn't have to end there. We can apologize and forgive and walk in joy and freedom. That's great news!

  3. The positive--when we realize who we are and what we've been we can do something about it. Good words.