17 December 2010

Poor Brutus!

I don't know why I love this picture so much, but I do...

and knowing me, after I post it, I will try to make some point behind the picture...or maybe you have your own caption Idea.

I remember this being on SportsCenter in video form, but this still shot is hilarious to me.


Here's the problem...look at everyone around Brutus in the kneeling position.  And NONE of them saw this coming?  Or even as it is happening, no one looks up?

Ooooooooo....a statement about the modern church going through rituals and not taking care of the needs of others, perhaps?

Looks like Brutus was kneeling also...so the others are not defending a fellow brother in Christ?

I Peter 5:8 come to mind? 

Why is this so funny to me???

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