23 July 2010

Another Attempt...

It is very hard to maintain a blog when you do not own a personal computer. Believe me. I have tried. 3 times.

This time I will stick with it, not with some grandiose idea of becoming famous from this, or even having anyone other than myself read it. Think of this more as a journal.

If you are reading this, it is probably by accident. Possibly there was a band named "I Am Lazarus" or maybe you are doing a study on Lazurus from the Bible...or you hit that button that sends you to some random blog.

For whatever reason you got here, I say "Welcome" and I am sorry if this isn't what you are looking for....Random thoughts of a formerly dead man...spirtually.

More to come on the name of the blog.

But since I am probably the only person who will ever read this:

Sit up straight while you type! Your posture is awful!

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