15 February 2011

I Love the 80's...Love Notes Edition!

When I was in high school in the late 80's, there was no facebook, twitter, myspace, or texting as avenues for romance.  What we had was the plain old white sheet of paper.  Of course it was intricately folded so that there was a little flap to secure it...can't let others see your note.  Love Notes were an art form.  Different colors of ink and marker were used.  The amount of time put into them was not brief.  I remember getting one with Glitter in it (not a good idea, by the way). Love Notes were the currency of Emotion!!  At my school, we even called them "Jewels."  

Lame?  Nerdy?

Yes...And Very.

(by the way, I am not for teen dating, but I digress). 

But there was nothing like walking to your locker between classes, and when you opened it, there was a Jewel sitting on top!!  Oh, the heart would race to see what it said.  Kids would drop their books to read them, or hide it away, because you didn't want anyone else to see what sweet, precious words were found inside. 

Some Jewels were just from friend to friend. 

But those others....

Those words are personal. 
They are meant for me!
Fist fights would happen over someone trying to steal your Jewel, or even read it over your shoulder!

Narcotics didn't have as much effect on a person as a Jewel...

especially from the right person...

especially if it said..."I Love You" at the end!!!

As I think of those days, I wonder what would have happened if I walked to my locker, and opened it to find a Jewel.  Of course, the girl who wrote it was usually with her friends peaking to see the reaction, but I wonder what would've happened if I pulled it out of my locker....

those personal, thought-out, emotional words....

and handed it to a buddy. 

Then, what if I said,"You read it, and give me a summary of what it says later."


"Can you believe he did that?  What a jerk!!!  She should never talk to him again!!!"

My name would be MUD and probably said with a certain lingering hate by ALL FEMALES, and probably most Guys, also!!!

And how would the author of the Jewel have felt?  After taking the time to specifically tell me how she felt?  Personal, private thoughts.  Sharing emotions.  Saying I Love You.


Here I sit writing this post in a preachy way, but the bullseye for this one is my own heart....

GOD ALMIGHTY has written the Most Amazing Love Letter in the History of the Universe...TO ME!

Personal Words.      Meant Specifically for ME.     

And it says "I Love You" ALL OVER IT!!!

But I am often content to hand it to a preacher.  Or a writer.  Or a worship leader,

and I say "You read it...then summarize it for me.  I don't have time to read, so just tell me the highlights.  I can't be bored with the details.  I am a busy guy!"

And how in the world does that make God feel watching His child neglect the Jewel He wrote for me?

I think I know, but can't bring myself to write it.

"What a jerk!!!" 

Yes, I am.



  1. What a perfect illustration. I love how you personalize what you write--your points are so easy to identify with, and I sure do.

    I'm too old to remember jewels, but I sure remember getting Pete's letters in the mail (yes, with an envelope and stamp) throughout the year leading up to our engagement. We were living 300 miles apart, and *long distance* phone calls were just too expensive. I still have every letter, over 30 years later.

    How much more should we cherish God's love letter to us!

  2. I can totally relate to the corny notes and to the painful truth that the illustration brings home. Great post! Enjoyed reading it!