09 August 2010

I Will Pray for You....well...Probably Not.

I was meditating on the 10 commandments the other day...that is not 100% true.  But it is true that I was thinking about the commandments and wondering which one I screw up the most.  Odd thing to think about, I suppose....

ANYWAY, I personally believe the two I have mentally kicked to the curb most often are two of the least thought about....

1. Remember the Sabbath
2. Don't take the LORD's Name in vain.

As far as setting aside a day to worship and rest IN HIM, I often do not do this.  My Sunday's are usually very hectic, doing church stuff, and I work every other Saturday.  God has been convicting me of this lately...

But the one I think takes the sinful cake for me is #2 above.

Growing up, I was warned repeatedly about taking the Lord's name in vain.  Even Hollywood still bans saying GD on most channels.  Some, of course have dropped this ban, but if MTV feels the need to (((Bleep))) all or half of this expletive, you KNOW it is bad.

People use our Savior's name like it is nothing.  I have a co-worker who says J.C. like he is getting paid a nickel everytime he says it and he is behind on some bills!  I hate it.  And yes, Bro. and Sis. Judgmental, I have addressed it with him.

Then there were all the off-shoots....Gah, Golly, Jeez, Gosh-Darn...I even got 3 licks in 5th grade for saying Jiminy Cricket!!!  Gotta Love the Good Ol' Days attending a Indy-Fundy-Bap School!

But as I thought about this last week while eating a Twix PB and drinking a Diet Mountian Dew (healthy), I realized I break this commandment more often, with greater regularity, and more non-chalantly than any other.

I have heard the great illustration about how it really didn't mean just saying the name flippantly.  It meant "taking" the name.  Like when my wife TOOK my name.  When we stood before the large crowd that assembled to watch us wed, hoping for good reception food (sorry for the let-down), and my fiancee followed the script and we made it all the way through the vows, the ceremony ended with "I now introduce to you, Mr. and MRS. ________   _________", then my Mrs. ________ had to act differently.  After the ceremony, she didn't say "Ok, See ya!" and go back to her parents house.  She didn't go on dates anymore.  She became MY WIFE!  She took MY NAME!  If she had gone on a date that night, or any night since with someone else, I would say that would DEFINITELY be considered taking MY NAME in vain!  I would be furious...but mostly hurt.

Get it...it's the whole practical atheist thing.  Calling myself a Christian, or "Little Christ" then living as if my covenant with Him meant NOTHING!  What a slap in the face this is to HIM every time we do it.

Recently I have realized I do this another way.  When someone asks me to pray for them...better yet, when I just send a text and say "Hey!  Prayed for you today!", sometimes I didn't.  And when someone tells me a prayer need and I say "I will pray for that,"often i don't.  

So I used to think this to be just a litle white lie.  I realize now the reason I do this, and why I propose many believers join me in doing this is to make ourselves feel good about ourselves....and if someone thinks I pray, then they will think I am spiritual!!!  They will be thankful to me for my prayers!  What a win-win-win FOR ME!  WooooooooooHoooooooooo!!!!  I win!

By lying....

about praying...

to the ONE who gave HIS ALL for me.

And I leverage this for my gain.

What conviction.

Father, forgive me.

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  1. Good thoughts! I agree that His name is taken too lightly in conversation, and that we take it upon our lives by accepting the title of "Christian" and yet we live contradictory to the name we bear all the time. In addition, your thoughts on Sabbath Day rest and the little, white lies we tell are very accurate.

    God has recently been really working me over about sin in my life. More specifically he's been convicting me about sin in all the "little" areas of my life; the areas that I have regularly overlooked and grown calloused to. I am thankful for this reawakening to holiness. True change and revival in someone's life cannot take place w/o a commitment to holiness and true confession and repentance of sin.

    Have you listened to Platt's series, "Sin in the Camp"? It's an older one from 2008, but it's very convicting and I needed it.