12 August 2010

So...A Little More Info. and a Short Story..

I am a husband to a wonderful wife, who had a birthday yesterday, and a father to two great kids, who will be called (for sake of anonymity) code names.

One is a boy, born summer 2006.  We shall call him BB for reasons only I shall know.

I also have a beautiful daughter born fall of 2008, that I will refer to as Peach.

Now, the story...

BB was chasing Peach around the house.  While I have cautioned them about running in the house, I have never said "Don't do it."  I guess I am expecting one of them to nose-dive into the baseboard at some point, they will learn on their own, and I don't have to be the mean Daddy for forbidding them to run.  TERRIBLE PARENTING 101.  I know!

Peach came to a halt well in front of BB when she heard something on the TV that interested her.  Probably a rap video, since that is what I tend to watch 90% of the time...I never watch rap videos.  It was a weak attempt at humor.

BB had plenty of time to stop.  But he ran into her at probably 70% speed.  A 20 month old standing perfectly still getting Mack-Trucked by a 4 year old created quite an impact.  If Peach was...say...30, she probably would be wearing one of those ridiculous foamy-neck things.

I grabbed BB...

Me:  (Loudly with Intense, Scary Eyes)  Why did you do that?!?!?

BB: (silence)

Me: We love Peach, don't we?!?

BB: (timidly) yeah

Me: Do you want to see Peach hurt?

BB: yeah

Me:  No we don't...Do we want Peach to fall down and cry?

BB: yeah

Me: No, son, we don't.  We want Peach happy, right?

BB: no...don't spank me. (which I did)

He had no clue what I was saying!!  He was just thinking about the impending smack on the hiney!!  Surely he doesn't really wish his sister ill at this stage...right?  RIGHT?!?!

Parenting is not easy!

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  1. Too funny! well, not the part about Peach getting hurt, but BB's response was classic. Right now we are preventing my oldest from almost any interaction w/ his younger brother, but when those two both get older I'm already assuming that they will be viciously violent towards one another, especially since my brothers and I were pretty rough with each other too.