25 August 2010

Un-Serious Post...College Football Preseason Top 10.

When I toyed with the idea of blogging, it was not going ot be a serious thing.  Somehow, it has morphed into that.  Sorry...

College football is upon us, and I would imagine that I will post more than once on this subject.  I love college football.  Over the past couple of years, I have grown to love pro football as well.  I don't see a problem with loving both.  I never married college football.  Just dated it for a long, long time, and now...

we have an agreement.

As long as I continue to love it, it doesn't mind if I also love pro football.  Sounds a little cult-ish, but get over it.

TOP 10:

1. Alabama: I think I think that they are the best team in the country.  Problem is, I don't think they will win the national championship.  Their schedule is tough, and I do not think they can beat Florida twice.

2. Ohio St.: I am not a Big Ten fan, but their schedule is easy , save 2 games.  At Iowa and At Wisconsin are gonna be tests.  I think they split those games and play for the National Championship against...

3. Boise St.:  They will go undefeated and play for the Title, thus ticking off the entire country (other than Boise and TCU fans).  Is an undefeated Boise from the WAC better than a one-loss team from the SEC???  This will get ugly.

4. Iowa:  I like Iowa.  Always have.  I believe they will lose 1 game this year, to Ohio St., and finish 12-1.  They are usually solid on defense and do just enough on offense. Same thing holds true this year.

5. TCU:  Will probably go undefeated in regular season, but because they are the red-headed step-sister to Boise, they will be left on the outside looking in.

6. Texas

7. Florida

8. Are you still reading? (Maybe Oregon)

9. A team better than most, but worse than 8 others. (Virginia Tech)

10. Ummmm.....Not Notre Dame. (Oklahoma, or Pitt)

***Why will Ohio St,. play for the title, and not Bama?  Timing.  Ohio St. will lose earlier in the year.  Bama will lose in SEC Title game to Florida (Somewhere Tim Tebow will be crying), starting another controversy about how lame conference championship games are.

***Notre Dame will be MUCH better!  Not elite, but I truly believe if they leave Brian Kelly alone, he can have them good...REAL GOOD in the next 4-5 years.

***Heisman?  I don't care.  For fun...1. Terrell Pryor 2. John Clay 3. Ryan Mallett

***I don't like LSU.

There you have it!  A total waste of my time writing it, because who knows...

Ohio St. will be national champions, but the best team in the country is Alabama.


  1. I totally disagree about everything in this post. Pro is way better than College. Notre Dame will win the National Championship after going undefeated and winning every game by a spread of 30 or more points. The rankings after that will be as follows: Florida, USF, Trinity Baptist, Bob Jones, Georgia, Liberty, Boston College, West Virginia, and Maranatha. LSU and USC will both lose every game this season and the earth will open up and send their players and fans into the flames, which they rightfully deserve.

    Btw, do you do the fantasy football stuff? If so, could I recommend stacking your team with Gandalf and Eragon this year, I hear that they are both going to make a strong showing b/c both of them increased their total magic points in the off season.

  2. Btw, serious and humorous blogging go hand in hand. Some of the most serious/ passionate people I know can also be some of the biggest cut-ups I know.

    Finally, the Heisman will go to either Tim Tebow or Merlin.