02 August 2010


It always feels weird to try to say whether a sermon was good or not.  What does that even mean?  Sometimes it may not pertain to me at that moment of my life, but it is still good to hear and recall later....anyway.

This week's sermon was on Conflict Resolution.  Some very good points were made.  Here are a couple I actually remember, WHILE NOT LOOKING AT MY HANDY OUTLINE (my Mom would be impressed):

--Set a Time and Place to Discuss the Issue.  Usually one of the people in the argument is gonna be quicker on their feet and can out argue off of the top of their head, while the other party may need time to get their case built. 

--Focus on the Issue, NOT the Person.  If there is an issue that keeps coming up, do not attach it to that person.  LOVE THE PERSON, HATE THE PROBLEM.

--The Goal should be Resolution, NOT WINNING.  WOW, that is hard to do!  I would guess most people are more interested in being the one who is "right" than coming to a harmonious reconciliation of the problem.

Good Stuff.

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  1. The pastor forgot point #4 Make-Up Sex! Of course, that's only for married couples and by married couples, I mean Adam and Eve married couples, none of this Massachusetts Adam and Steve couples.