08 September 2010

I am MAD at my PASTOR!!!--- Most viewed post...I think search engines tell us there are alot of people mad at their pastors!!!

I am upset with my Pastor.  He is a wonderful, godly man who I have known for years.  He has an impeccable reputation.  He started our church not quite 9 months ago, and we have an average attendance of right at 1,000 every week.  Awesome personality.  Fantastic teacher of the Word.  He has an amazing vision for what our church can be!

But, boy, am I mad at him right now....

Last Sunday's sermon was on "An Audience of One." I was all geared up to hear a sermon on how when we worship, we aren't worshipping for those around us! We are singing, clapping, and raising hands (singing only for my indy fundy brethren) to the One on the throne!!

I love that sermon!  Makes me happy.  Why?  Because I GET IT!  I do.  If there is an area of my life that I feel comfortable in, it is in the area of worship.  I have listened to great teaching about it, and feel freedom to worship and praise GOD in church.  I am comfortable in my skin there....

That, unfortunately for me, was NOT the topic of this sermon.

He took the WORDS OF GOD and showed us how we are WORKING for an Audience of One.  To be honest, I am not someone who cheats on my lunch hour, takes extended breaks, tries to leave early, etc.  Usually, barring some strange event, I am ten minutes early, and hang around 5-10 minutes after.  Never a problem for me...

But, while actually performing my duties....while walking through the halls....when talking about current events, sports, politics....when i feel sleepy and work slower than normal...when i waste company time looking for OTHER JOBS on the Net...while "discussing" the office flirt and what may or may not have happened in the break room...

At all of those times...I am still performing for an Audience on One.

Needless to say, I am convicted. 

So, what am I gonna do about it?

Simple...Do a better job finding out what the sermon will be about Sunday so I can dodge the ones that make me uncomfortable.  Surely they need me to volunteer in the nursery or something!?!

"And WHATSOEVER you do or say, do it as a REPRESENTATIVE of THE LORD JESUS, giving thanks through Him to GOD THE FATHER."  Colossians 3:17

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  1. well, crapola! i'm in deep poo b/c i'm actually reading and commenting on this blog while i'm supposed to be working at my job (and the other people's jobs that i do). i'll repent and become a good worker as soon as i figure out what my job is.

    btw, when does he preach the sermon on PASTORING for an audience of one? b/c I'd like to send someone i know up there to take notes b/c apparently they think that 80 hour work weeks are what pleases God the most and that the purpose of evangelism is to grow the S.S. and church offerings.

    thanks for the convicting post. now i'm going to go sulk.