21 September 2010


So, there I am...sitting in my denim blue-walled cubicle.  Minding my own business.  Decided to check my blog, because Joe said he had left a comment...I wanted to read it.

I clicked the address bar.  Slowly scrolled down to blogger.com and clicked.

Then I signed in, and NO, I will NOT tell you the username and password at this point...maybe later.  How fun would just a world-wide, open blog be?  Possibilities...

Anyway, there to my amazement on my "dashboard" (odd name for it) it said I had 2 comments that needed moderating.  I think to myself "Joe left two comments on one post?  What a buffoon!!" I didn't say it aloud, for fear Joe would hear me, even though he lives 10 hours away.  And I don't want Joe to know what I really think, because then he might stop reading my blog.

And there it was...a comment by someone I have never met.  A "Leslie" somebody.  Her comment was not angry.  Was not contradictory.  Was simply a pleasant comment.

It may seem odd, but it really made me feel good to know that someone else out there at least read one post on my blog.  A small sense of satisfaction came over me.  I believe I now know what John Grisham feels like when they alert him that his book is in it's 9,000th printing.

So, Leslie, thank you!!


  1. Too funny! I'd encourage anyone else reading this to comment once in a while. It can really make a blogger's day!

  2. I looked over... and now you have 3 posts there... and one here! GASP! :D Just found your blog today and am quite enjoying it so far!

  3. I loved the addition of "so far" at the end of your comment Karin! Smart not to over-commit!!

  4. Also, Congrats on being our #2 Non-Joe!!!