01 September 2010

BB sent to the Minors

My son, BB, who just turned 4, started Pre-school/K4 last week.  I wouldn't call it a disaster.  The teacher might.

BB has never been in ANY setting where he had to sit still and listen.   Even the church we attend has very little structure for the kids at that age.  That's not saying he cannot sit still.  If his teacher's name was "Thomas" and she was a large train with a face, he would sit silently, mesmorized by all she was saying, and probably mimic it for weeks. 

His teacher was not a train of any kind.

The teacher, Mrs. H, has years of experience dealing with youngsters.  He was in capable hands.  But she requires one thing BB avoids....STRUCTURE.  Even at age 4, she expects them to sit quietly at their desks and do schoolwork for hours, only playing for the 20 minutes of P.E. they are allotted.  Man, at 4, I didn't know my name, couldn't count to 5, had never heard of an alphabet, and wouldn't sit still for anything but Scooby-Doo or mac-n-cheese!!!

I am not saying her ways and methods are wrong, but they were wrong for BB.  At this point...we hope that BB can join Mrs. H's class next year.

BUT FOR NOW, he has been sent back to the Minors to work on his basics.  Fundamentals.

We are ok with it.  It will actually put him in the class with kids he will go to school with.  Being born in June, we have chosen to allow BB to be one of the oldest kids in his class instead of the youngest.

So this'll all work out. Right?  Parenting is so easy.

He will get his chance to push, tackle, color outside the lines, spill his drink, etc. now, and hopefully learn how to act in a classroom setting for next year.

No spiritual hook on the end of this post.  No Life Application...just info.

The End.

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  1. to heck with Mrs. H! she's a nazi and should be removed from her post. I only approve of teachers who allow students to think freely and express interest in sitting when and if they feel like it. dictators like Mrs. H will only crush that sweet angel's spirit.

    on the other hand, i hope my unruly son gets a horrible teacher like Mrs. H so that she can teach him some discipline since i have failed to do so myself.

    Good luck in the minors, BB! Enjoy it while you can!