28 September 2010

BB Update!!

Ok, BB was/is having trouble adjusting to school.  I wrote about this in a PREVIOUS POST.  BB is not what you would call a calm kid.  By any means.  He loves to push and rough-house!

This is frowned upon at his kindergarten. Strange, huh?As the older, male role model, I feel partly responsible for this, because I am the one who tickles, wrestles and throws him around at home.  He probably thinks this activity should be normal, and fun, because he loves it when I knock him down on the bed.  Why wouldn't his classmates like it as well?

Anyway, we have had a couple reports that he is still pushing, but at least it is down to every other day or so.  To me, GREAT VICTORY!!  To the teachers, eh..not so much.

So I asked him how school was going, and he doesn't understand that question.  I asked if he pushed at school, he said "no."  I then phrased it "you pushed at school today, didn't you?"and he of course said "yes" which is leading the witness, so I have no clue what is really going on.

Until later, when BB shed a little light on the matter.

We were riding home in the car last night, just me, BB, and Peach.  I reached into the back seat to tickle Peach's chubby little legs.  She laughed and laughed,  I then reached for BB's and he responded with these words:

"No, Daddy....Keep your hands to yourself!"

I have never said that to BB.

I called Mommy, and she said she may have said that to him once or twice.

I asked BB if his teacher said that to him and he said "Yeah."

So, I think the school thing is coming along.  He DESPISES coloring and gets work sent home to finish what he didn't do in class.  But he loves painting.  I think he likes the messiness.  He sings weird songs with melodies we can't recognize, and he doesn't remember the words, so I assume he listens in music. 

All in all...so far so good...but we got a long way to go!!!  And I look forward to every (other) minute!


  1. I feel like you're giving me a window into my own future. Your boy and mine sound a lot alike. May God have pity on our parenting souls.

    Btw, I like the new blog background.

  2. BB was on TV restriction the night I wrote this because he pushed his sister into a door jamb.

    And I will change the background alot til I feel totally comfortable. I like this one, but not 100% sold.